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Our Story

My story began at 14 years old when I discovered my passion for filmmaking and decided to make bringing beautiful stories to screen my life's mission.  After college, I started my first job in the industry as a video editor at a production company and soon noticed I was making cookie-cutter videos that didn’t require much talent to create. I wanted to do much more. So with the help of a few amazing Directors of Photography, I opened my own wedding cinematography company. I shifted my focus to stunning cinematography and, most importantly, storytelling. My style of storytelling is what separates me from others - I evoke emotion with every moment I capture. As an award-winning wedding cinematographer, my goal is to make a timeless masterpiece so you can relive one of the best days of your life time and time again. I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me. My couples are very dear to me, and I often follow them on more adventures throughout their lives. And I’m always so grateful for how I got to be there on day one.

Robert Mroczko

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